Disposition of British French and American Forces Aquidneck Island French Map August 1778 (Library of Congress)

The Battle of Rhode Island Association

The Mission of BoRIA is to raise awareness of Rhode Island’s unique Revolutionary War history, particularly that pertaining to the Rhode Island Campaign and Butts Hill Fort in order to support restoration and maintenance of the Fort.
A map showing the Patriot's retreat to Tiverton from Butts Hill
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Position of the French Army at Butts Hill Fort, Newport, Library of Congress

Butts Hill Fort: A History

The Americans called this area “Butts Hill” after the John Butts family that held the land when the war began.

Portrait of Mary Almy, Rienzi Collection, Houston

Eyewitness Accounts

We are fortunate to have eyewitness accounts of the Battle of Rhode Island. One of those accounts is by Lieut.-Colonel Samuel Ward, Junior.

Rochambeau reviewing French Troops in America

French Arrival and Departure: Introduction

On July 29, 1778 a French squadron sailed into Narragansett Bay. It created a military alliance between the United States and France against Great Britain. On the American side it was negotiated by Benjamin Franklin, Silas Deane, and Arthur Lee.

Des Barres Map

Introduction to Occupation

The British had ample reason to invade and occupy Aquidneck Island (called Rhode Island at that time). Newport had a fine harbor from which the British fleet could raid up and down the coast…

Fage map from 1777 of Lehigh Hill

Lehigh Hill

The skirmishes around Lehigh Hill have taken on importance because of the presence of the Black Regiment.

Burning of the Gaspee Magic Lantern Slide

The Conspiracy to Destroy the Gaspee

With but few exceptions, it has usually been surmised by historians that the 1772 attack on the Royal Navy schooner Gaspee was a spontaneous response to the accidental grounding of the King’s vessel…